When it comes to a film or television project, Great Atlantic Pictures, Inc. is the production company that can make it happen. Now if you are wondering why and how, well, the answer is quite simple. Great Atlantic has the entertainment industry experience that is required to make it happen. As an experienced production company with the knowledge, all the gear and the right book of pros, Great Atlantic Pictures can take on any project, in any location.

The company’s film production group has filmed numerous feature length and short indie films including the group’s own feature film, “Checkout” which recently acquired a new foreign distribution deal. The group is positioned with the right experience, production capabilities and knowledge to put more films into production. Great Atlantic Pictures is an obvious choice for producers and even other production companies with varied budgets looking to get the highest production values that are possible in the business. With creative development underway, expect more movies to launch from the shores of Great Atlantic Pictures in the near future.

The company’s talent has also geared up for numerous television shows. Great Atlantic has provided production services, crews and equipment on local, national and international levels, including national broadcast, cable and broadband television programming. The newfound Great Atlantic Pictures Television Group is built upon years of television industry experience. The division has created an impressive worldwide network of television industry professionals and has employed proven resources in Rochester, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Toronto. The term, “high production value” has been defined with extremely talented teams, cost effective solutions and the creation of really great work.